Responsible Aluminium

Global markets become are becoming increasingly driven by demand for products with definite origins, produced to the best social and ecological standards throughout the supply chain. The Responsible Aluminium Scoping Phase (RASP) is a response from a Working Group of industry based organisations and a number of not-for-profit stakeholders. It seeks to investigate the viability and possible options for a voluntary Responsible Sourcing Scheme for the international aluminium sector.

Such a Scheme would seek to identify and promote aluminium that can be demonstrated to be from organisations whose practices are responsible in terms of their ethical, social and environmental performance. In a transparent and accountable manner, Responsible Aluminium would:

  • Ensure responsible, ethical, social and environmental practices throughout the value chain
  • Enable industry to demonstrate openness, responsibility and improvements
  • Reinforce and promote consumer and stakeholder confidence in products containing Aluminium
  • Set operational excellence goals, driving better performance within industry
  • Enable selection of suppliers and materials throughout the supply chain on their sustainable performance in addition to technical performance
  • Reduce reputational risks


The Responsible Aluminium Scoping Phase is being conducted by Track Record Global Ltd, administered by the Eden Project and in consultation with participating industry and not-for-profit stakeholders. At the end the six month phase, Track Record Global will present a series of recommendations regarding how a Responsible Aluminium Scheme might best operate. The Working Group may decide to take the recommendations forward into a wider Stakeholder Consultation process in 2011.